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American Dog Treats and Dog Food
Monthly Buyers Club

You and your dog have better things to worry about then where your next meal is coming from!  (Like '"Where's the ball?")

Welcome to the Club!

We created the American Dog Treats Buyers Club for YOU, to make it easy for you to automatically receive your dog's favorite food and treats on a regular basis without having to call in a phone order, go online and re-enter shopping cart information, or even remember that it's time for you to re-stock your pantry. 

The American Dog Treats Buyers Club is an automatic system with no risk, no obligation, and plenty of tail-wagging rewards. And talk about convenience . . . one easy order and your dog's favorite food and treats are supplied automatically for the whole year.

The American Dog Treats Buyers Club Wants You to "Say YES!"


Your savings and your dog's good health are important to us. That's why we're dedicated to making our products the best they can be and we want to reward you for continual purchases at our store.

Buy 11, Get 1 FREE

To thank you for choosing us for your dog food and for being a part of our Buyers Club, we'll reward you with a FREE ORDER of your regular favorite when you've been a member for one year…actually only 11 months -- the 12th month is F-R-E-E.


You can choose any combination of favorite dog treats or raw dog food on our website for your monthly order. And you're not locked in to your choice: you can revise your order at any time. 

(If you select a new monthly favorite combination, we will average the total you have invested in 11 monthly orders and credit your 12th monthly order an amount equal to your 11-month average.)

If you need to change the address or recipient for your monthly shipment, your account will continue to accrue monthly credits toward your 12th month order free shipment.


We do the work so you don't have to. We enter your standing order each month, notify you via e-mail a few days in advance to give you a "heads up" that your shipment will be arriving soon, and ship your order directly to your doorstep. 


If you and your canine companion are going to be away from home, just let us know! We'll put a temporary hold on your shipment and restart your monthly packages whenever you like so that when you return, your dog's favorite meal will be ready and waiting.

Just Say No!

American Dog Treats likes to say yes, but we also when it's time to "Say NO!"

There's no fee to join and get in on all the convenience and savings.

Membership is FREE for People Who Love Their Dogs


And don't worry, you'll never be locked into a long-term contract with American Dog Treats. To cancel your membership and halt your monthly shipments, a simple phone call or email is all that's needed.


Unlike some monthly buying clubs that require you to pay for a year's worth of shipments in advance . . . our buying club is easy on your pocketbook. You will only pay for your shipment each month when it is shipped. 

Plus the 12th regular monthly shipment is FREE.


Your friends and loved ones will be delighted to receive a year's worth of gourmet treats and raw food for their dogs. Your thoughtful gift will be delivered to their doorstep each month. You can't go wrong with such a perfect present . . . even their satisfaction is guaranteed by us.

Monthly dog treats for their pets are the perfect gift for and from dog lovers. No hassles at the mall, no standing in lines at the post office, no dash to the store to make a last minute purchase, and no belated presents. Just a welcome delivery of American Dog Treats all-natural, all-healthy treats and raw dog food.


You don't have to wait to start receiving your monthly shipments of healthy, premium raw dog food and treats. We can start your monthly shipments immediately so that your dog can begin to enjoy the benefits of eating pure, natural and all-healthy food without delay.

How to Join Our Buyers Club

To start your monthly order . . . here are the things we need provided:
Place a regular order by selecting your favorite dog treats and dog food from our website using your shopping cart.

Request membership in the Buyers Club so that you may have this same order shipped monthly to your designated shipping address in the Comments Section of the order form.

Be sure to include any special instructions in the Comments Section.

If the Buyer's Club membership is a gift, use the Comments Section to request in advance any gift cards and greetings you want to include each month.

As soon as your membership has been processed, we will ship your current order immediately. (This is Shipment #1 on your way to earning FREE food and treats). We will keep track of your special requests and individually hand package your dog favorites with care.

Each subsequent monthly order will ship approximately 30 days after your first order unless you request another schedule for shipment.  We will notify you before shipping so that you can revise the order or schedule if needed.

The American Dog Treats Buyers Club
We provide the healthy food…you provide the love!


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American dog treats and dog food monthly buyers club.

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